North Cyprus Property Victims | NCA v Robb Update


UPDATE on NCA v Robb(er)

For those who were unaware of how the money intercepted by SOCA so long ago was distributed by the court, I can give you an idea but the Data Protection Act protects the recipients names and the size of their individual awards.

I can tell you that NCA was given an amount from the intercepted money which was greater than any individual recipient.

Robb, as we have been told, allegedly received £50,000 to allegedly to cover his costs. How bizarre is that?

The largest individual award was just over £57,000.00 and the smallest just over £5,600.00. The rest of the 57 successful claimants received sums between the highest and the lowest award.

Of the 71 claimants, 57 were successful.

This is the latest news bulletin from the NCA

There were several hundred Robb(er) victims, this case deals with just a small percentage of them, the rest are still out there blowing in the wind.

Robb victims took various different routes looking for justice. This case has not addressed the total issue, just scratched the surface. Interestingly the north Cyprus Government continues to sit back and it is the UK Government and legal system who have achieved this very small success. We all know that without the granting citizenship to the Robb(er) and the brazen way the authorities facilitated this scam, there would have been no problem. Having allowed this, consecutive governments have done nothing to help these and other property scam victims. Their advice has always been to use the courts. Ironic really when you consider that the very Advocates who were so negligent in the property purchase procedure and now profiting from their negligence…it is all so incestuous and no one trusts the legal system in north Cyprus. If this is the best advice/help the government can give, it is worse than useless.

We are told the amendment to the Citizenship Bill will help Robb(er) victims. Time will tell. The real questions now are, can the victims afford this help, will it be safe to accept it and will they live long enough to see it?

Pauline Read

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8 comments to North Cyprus Property Victims | NCA v Robb Update

  • Polly Marples

    I find it hard to understand why the awards are ‘secret’. You usually get details of awards put into the public domain.

  • Cyprus Sue

    It appears that justice is more likely to be seen in British Courts and by using British Investigators. There are not many property victims that have received justice by putting their faith in the TRNC legal system. I know this action was possible because of Robb’s British citizenship but how realistic is it for others to go through the British Courts? Haven’t some Turkish Cypriot developers returned (fled) to Britain?

    I know that most ROC victims prefer this route because of the corruption witnessed in the ROC legal system.

  • Cyprus Sue

    I noted that on the Stop the Blackmail site there is a caption stating, ” what about the rest of them?”

    Did the rest of them join forces with those pursuing this through the SOCA? Did they take alternative routes or now with the well publicised results have they suddenly come forward having dismissed ever getting justice?

  • Polly Marples

    Yes Sue you are correct and the Sevilla victims might have a chance in the UK courts since the landowners are British TC’s, one even has the gall to be a partner in CAC Limited. I am sure these brothers are not the only rogue builders/developers to be in the UK.

    I agree that those who did not join in the case NCA v Robb case cannot expect to have any of their money returned via that route.

    However, what about the rest of them? Indeed what about the rest of the money of those who had a very small percentage of the intercepted money awarded. I am sure all victims deserve all of their money returned to them.

    I do not believe the comment you refer to was meant to imply anything more than all victims deserve justice. I know there are several different ways being pursued by Robb victims and I wish them all success. I also know some have abandoned all hope, and that is their choice.

    Realistically, I do not believe the north Cyprus Government will help any victims of property fraud, but I think they are the ones to blame. They would have had to be deaf, dumb and blind not to have known what was going on, and I believe some did personally benefit from all the fraud.

  • fluter

    Yes, and where IS the rest of the darned money? Maybe someone should be pushing lighted bamboo splinters under Robber’s fingernails to find out.

    As for the TRNC government, “We are all family, my Cousins”. Of course they know perfectly well what has been and is, going on. It may well be that some of them are making out of it. Nothing at all would surprise me.

    How did Recaiolü manage to get the decision in favour of Geoff Day reversed whilst he was out of the country? Family and money my Cousin.

    That will never change, and lest anyone should think that membership of the EU might make a difference, can I refer them to the situation in the RoC?

  • Polly Marples

    Nothing to add fluter. You are correct.

  • Cyprus Sue

    All victims deserve justice Polly but I remain concerned that those seeking this in the TRNC will be disappointed.

    Not sure about the ROC Flutter. The one and only opportunity for ROC victims rests mainly with the Troika and by being able to take their cases to British courts. The publicity surrounding corruption within their housing market and the roles played by the banks and Lawyers is now well publicised. Despite that fact that the ROC is doing its utmost to hide the truth, they are being held accountable more and more from EU.

  • Polly Marples

    I agree with you Sue. Sadly though many of the victims cannot afford the high price the TRNC system puts on its services. Those that have paid these parasites are finding that they close ranks and avoid dropping their colleagues/co conspirators in it. Nepotism, cronyism and corruption is a way of life. Justice does not exist.