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North Cyprus News | Embargoed MembershipWITHOUT PREJUDICE

The aims and aspirations of Embargoed! are well known within their membership. The membership consists of Turkish Cypriots predominately but their supporters and fellow members are of many different nationalities. In the 21st century it is barbaric to isolate any country by placing embargoes on it. They do not work, they also impact most on the ordinary men women and children living in an embargoed country, thus violating their human rights. How is this not hypocritical of those who imposed the embargoes?

This is how the Embargoed group describe their aims and the group:

“The international isolation of Turkish Cypriots dates back to 1964, following the collapse of th…e power-sharing Government of the Republic of Cyprus. Since that time, Turkish Cypriots have been prevented from exercising their rights as a politically equal partner to Greek Cypriots. They have no international political representation, nor can they trade or communicate directly. They are prevented from participating in international sporting and cultural events – including competing under the Olympic flag.

Embargoed! is a human rights group campaigning to bring an immediate and unconditional end to these embargoes against the people of North Cyprus. Launched on 4 March 2005, Embargoed!, receives widespread support from international politicians, civil society groups, and Turkish Cypriots in London and North Cyprus. Its patron is the internationally renowned artist and fashion designer Hussein Chalayan MBE.”

This group campaigns tirelessly and peaceably for the rights we all take for granted. Such treatment cannot continue, it is inhumane.

An interesting letter appeared in the Financial Times and the blog below gives more information on this issue.

I know Embargoed will continue with their campaign until their objectives are met. Let us pray that the new round of talks on the Cyprob are the beginning of the end of this isolation and that the people of the island of Cyprus find a equitable solution to their problems so they can live, however they chose, in peace and harmony.

Pauline Read

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2 comments to North Cyprus News | Aims and Aspirations of Embargoed!

  • fluter

    That is all very well, isn’t it though, if the rest of Europe sees what is taking place in the TRNC to rob people of their paid-for homes, and an apathetic ‘Government’ that appears to be complicit in it all?

    Do they really have a chance of recognition?

    Do “Embargoed” realise what is going on?

  • Polly Marples

    Exactly fluter.

    Embargoed members are patriots…the government ?????. No doubt in my mind the government who allowed Robb citizenship did so with the full knowledge of who he was and what he was. Those who eased the citizenship through and put their signatures on the necessary paperwork should be the first ones Mr Talat under section 19 of his 25 proposals, should order to be arrested and charged with fraud. Remind me, which party was in power then?

    Nothing will change, too many skeletons in too many cupboards.