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Pauline's Opinion | Tory MajorityThe people have spoken. A majority have decided that Mr Cameron is the man for the job of running the country. Love him or loath him, he is back in 10 Downing Street for another 5 years.

The pundits did not see it coming, returned with a working majority. I guess the Tory voters who did throw their votes his way, or did not make their intentions to do so public are the silent majority on this occasion.

I am interested to see if we will get the promised referendum on EU membership and that if the people vote for pulling out, it will be accepted by the Government. That we won’t be sent back to vote again until they get the result they want. That is not democracy. I guess you know how I will vote from that last sentence.

I am watching with interest to see what happens in Cyprus. Will the Cyprob talks result in anything positive. North Cyprus has a new President, but the ash tray throwing ROC President remains the same. I wonder if he gave up smoking after his heart surgery in the US. The smoking, nor indeed the hissy fits are good for his health.

Three party leaders in the UK have resigned. I guess we are in for a new round of guests on panel shows, paid guest after dinner speakers. Maybe a seat on the board of their crony’s company. Perhaps see them in the Big Brother house or on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Very few of them go willingly into obscurity.

Whatever happens, there are two certainties in our lives, death and taxes.

Pauline Read

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