Cyprus Talks | They’ve Started Again?

This simple message from the UN Secretary General’s Office announces that talks about Cyprus Talks started yesterday and will end on the 12th May 2015.

According to Kibris (02.05.15) President Mustafa Akinci announced that he will appoint TRNC Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami as his new negotiator in the Cyprus Talks.

“As I repeatedly stated throughout my election campaign I believe that there is currently an important window of opportunity for a settlement in Cyprus. In addition to having a vision for EU membership and a settlement, I believe that Mr Nami, who has been serving as Foreign Minister, can make serious contributions to the negotiations process with his experience and knowledge”.

Nami has accepted the appointment and will step down from his current post immediately.

According to Afrika newspaper (02.05.15) Ozdil Nami has been appointed to the post of the Turkish Cypriot negotiator upon pressure exerted by Ankara. The newspaper describes this decision as “disappointing” and said that Nami’s appointment “shocked” Akinci’s supporters.

President Akinci won’t be at the Cyprus Talks for long because according to Kibris Postasi (02.05.15) he will visit Ankara on Wednesday 6th of May 2015 accompanied by the newly appointed Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ozdil Nami.

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1 comment to Cyprus Talks | They’ve Started Again?

  • Cyprus Sue

    Nicos Rolandis has written an excellent article in the Cyprus Mail, “Nicos & Mustafa Must Pluck Roses from Thorny Stems” Well worth reading.

    I have long lost respect for past TC and GC Politicians who I view as poor Statesmen, striving for unattainable dreams, mainly to secure their own positions and rich pickings. However Nicos Rolandis reflections are well worth reading as they admit to the mistakes of both communities,asking that they have the honesty and courage to own up to their sins of the past. The blame game having gone on for far too long. He makes a quote, “A Statesman thinks of the next generation, whilst the populist politician thinks of the next election” For me this really sums up why previous talks have never been fruitful.I don’t think that any side can compromise – the TC’s because of the stance of Turkey whom they remain financially dependent on and the GC because the will of the Government (not necessarily the people) has never been there. They are simply not into power sharing. Why would they when they currently have their own perfect fiefdom?

    The next few months will be interesting not sure about productive though! One good thing to come out of all of this is that the EU appear to be tiring of the childish rhetoric and stalling of talks. There will be a solution but it will come with time and not necessarily negotiation. Slowly but surely the world is beginning to recognise the TRNC and this will bring about the solution. I note that an EU Info-point office is set to open in the Northern part of Nicosia aiming to bring the TC Community closer to the European Union. Isn’t this backdoor recognition?