North Cyprus Politics | Talat’s 25 Point Plan

North Cyprus Politics | Talat's 25 Point PlanWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Words..words…words. I would prefer action..action…action.

It would seem that Mr Mehmet Ali Talat will be competing for the leadership of the CTP at it annual general congress on the 14th June 2015.¹

His 25 point plan looks wonderful on paper, sadly it is probably where it will stay.

“They are as follows:

1. CTP will be the pioneer for change in the country

2. Support will be given to federation efforts

3. Securing public participation in the process

4. Establish a timetable for civilianisation of the police force

5. Continue sensitive friendly-brotherly relations with Turkey

6. Work for a modern constitution

7. Give priority to political party and election laws

8. We will administer the water; we are opposed to privatisation

9. Overcome the discrepancies in distribution of salary scales

10. Encourage unionisation by law in the private sector

11. Work for a self-sustaining economy

12. Develop economic programmes in the country

13. Ensure employment moves to the private sector

14. Decisiveness in environmental issues

15. All the laws will be in line with gender and human rights

16. Organisation to be made for minority and religious groups

17. Stand up to every kind of segregating action

18. An accountable and controllable public administration

19. All corruption will be handed over to police and Attorney general

20. No room for partisanship in the public sector

21. Widespread training in the public administration

22. Close ties with unions and civil society organisations

23. Membership system rather than delegates in the CTP party

24. The party will be productive, effective and disciplined

25. The CTP will not be party to fights, division or splinter groups “

Love number 19. Whatever happened to the formal complaint of fraud I made against Akfinans Bank, the builder and the landowner. I spent hours preparing, a fortune on translations, and hand delivered my complaint to the Attorney General’s office within the court building at Lefkosa, some three years ago. What happened to it….you tell me Mr Talat?

Why Sir, did you not address these issues when your party was in Government or when you were President? Do not misunderstand me, the UBP were no better in their treatment of victims of injustice.

To me it just another verse in the song “seems to me, I’ve heard this song before”. Will it be different this time? Who knows?



Pauline Read

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