North Cyprus Property Victims | More Auctions

North Cyprus Property Victims - More AuctionsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property Victims – More Auctions

Whilst Kulaksiz 5 anxiously await the outcome of their case from the District Court in Kyrenia another set of victims are fighting auction threats.

The question I have been trying to get my head around is, can a Contract of Sale be made invalid if the purchaser obtains a memorandum on his property, thus implying that he wants his/her money back? This is TRNC, I am not legally qualified and really do not know the answer. In this instance I am informed that the holder of the memorandum later cancelled the memorandum. Do these actions on the part of the purchaser constitute cancellation of the Contract of Sale. Again, I do not know.

The only similar circumstances I do know of are my own where in the early stages Akfnans Bank Limited, tried unsuccessfully to have me removed from the K5 case for similar reasons. ¹

The people in this new threat of an auction are not united in their action against their abuser and of course, this is causing some distress to all concerned.

You will all remember the fiasco of the Mandamus, highly recommended by the allegedly absconded advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen, that turned into a pantomime, culminatingin  my releasing the charges on the properties I had first been told by Naomi Mehmet were on bare land.

I would have no compunction in suing this errant lawyer for negligence if he were anywhere to be found. As for Ms Mehmet, in my opinion the author of all my problems, she made sure she did not cut me loose until the time limit to sue her had elapsed.

Back to the current victims, one tells me she is now taking legal action under something called ‘Certiorari’ which is “often abbreviated as cert. in the United States, which is a writ seeking judicial review. It is issued by a superior court, directing an inferior court, tribunal, or other public authority to send the record of a proceeding for review.”

I do not know quite how TRNC deals with such cases, but it seems it might be a case for the High Court.

Time will give us the answer, and I guess if all else fails, these victims might also end up in Strasbourg at the ECHR.

Never give in never give up.



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2 comments to North Cyprus Property Victims | More Auctions

  • cyprusishome

    Well what a surprise, more auctions!!!!! Wish we had bets on with all those with HISS that said they would not happen, would be able to pay off the debts incurred in out own issues.

    As for non agreement among the people involved, there is so much mis information spread by builders, estate agents, lawyers etc to make the poor buyers so distrustful of everybody they fight among themselves. Got several t-shirts on that issue!!!!

    It is a shame that by the time some of these cases reach ECHR because the North Cyprus legal system has screwed the life from them many more people will have moved on.

  • Polly Marples

    Yes moved on Upstairs or Downstairs. I always reckoned Up but t way I feel about some people, maybe it will be Down.