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Cyprus News | Use Your Electronic Boarding Pass in the South

Cyprus News - Use Your Electronic Boarding Pass in the SouthCyprus News – Use Your Electronic Boarding Pass in the South

If you’ve struggled to use the Electronic Boarding Pass system in the UK then you’ll possibly be pleased to know that automatic-electronic gates have now been introduced at Larnaca airport. This is a system where an auto-terminal scans your boarding pass and let’s you through without human intervention.

“This is the first phase of the implementation of an automated system which is located in the departures area and allows the travelling public, when carrying a printed copy of the airline’s boarding pass, to proceed directly to security check and then to the shops and the departure gates of the terminal,” a spokesperson explained.

Apparently there is a second phase to this service, available to the unsuspecting public soon. This is the familiar ‘Fast Track’ system used by many airports around the world which, for a small fee, allows you to push in front of less fortunate passengers and gain quick entry to the departure gates, avoiding long queues during peak hours.

Obviously not something all passengers should be allowed to do, that would count as good customer service and would just not be fair on them to miss out on all the pushing, shoving and queue jumping that is part of the genuine Cypriot air travel experience.

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