North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 15/11/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 15/11/2014


Biggest tourism festival shelved – the Lapta Festival will not receive funding because of cut backs

Dream move turned into a nightmare – storage and shipping costs were not paid when Valentine went bust so they had to be paid again. Editor: pay by credit card next time and the card company is ‘jointly and severally liable’

Border tensions ‘running high’ – as they do each year when the TRNC celebrates their Independence declaration anniversary.

Unveiling Denktas statue will mark 31st anniversary of TRNC


BRS want clarity on Citizenship BillEditor: I won’t waste my time repeating what they want to know because the answer is no, there will NOT be automatic granting of voting right (citizenship) for ex-pat residents, I believe.

Expat’s wife still seeks justice four months on – because her husband died after being discharged from hospital after a minor road accident. Apparently an administrative inquiry cannot be launched until a police inquiry has been completed.

Baby crash death: mother fined – for not ensuring the baby’s safety in the back of her car. Editor: only yesterday I saw a car drive past with a child sitting on the front passenger’s lap.

Bailiff jailed for 9 years over theft – of court fines.

Plans for Bellapais sewage drawn up – after courts stopped the building of an unlicensed facility.

Minimum wage increase –  to 1675TL per month from 1560TL.

‘Turkish vessels in Cyprus legal’ – according to the UN special Cyprus envoy, Espen Barth Eide. Greek Cypriots was not pleased that he should have told everyone this fact.


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4 comments to North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 15/11/2014

  • Polly Marples

    Bailiff story interesting. The one who appeared at my house whilst I was away wanted rather more than the debt turned out to be when paid directly into the court….re the costs of a K5 case.

  • fluter

    “Police enquiry”. Would that take the same length of time as their enquiry into Pauline’s laptop Polly?

    The enquiry will never be allowed to reach a conclusion, my Cousin.

  • Polly Marples

    Or indeed the attempted assault using a motor vehicle on Agile, or the breaking into ceasing and keeping Pauline’s villa. So many police complaints, so little investigation NO action.

    Ranks are closed and the victims are ignored.

  • fluter

    One reason I was so glad to get away from that place.

    There is corruption everywhere to some degree, but that place takes the biscuit.

    Imagine a country where a judge can find for someone who has blatantly broken the law, despite all the evidence placed before him.