North Cyprus Property Victim | Today is My 10th Anniversary


North Cyprus Property Victim – Today is My 10th Anniversary

So many victims of Gary Robb and his Turkish Cypriot partners in crime Akan Kursat, joint shareholder Tahir Soycan and Cafer Gurcafer and others. Aga, named we are told after his Ethiopian born wife who claimed he too is a victim. Enough to make you pee your pants laughing.

We are told the newly formed committee formed to help property victims is now actively looking at ways to help the Aga victims.

Well, we have heard it all before, so will this time be different?

Read this very poignant account of one of the hundreds of Gary Robb victims:


3rd May 2004 to 3 May 2014

Today is a day that will stay with me for the rest of my life. and also my children’s lives.

I was invited by Unwins the estate agent in north cyprus for 5 days to look at villas as I wanted to buy a home there and live in the sun. They put me in the PIA BELLA Hotel in Kyrenia.

Unwins took me to look at places to buy every day until I found the one that I liked but it had been sold. I found another one at Amaranta Valley that I wanted to buy. The next day I was told that the first villa’s buyers did not want it and they said I could buy it. I said no as I would not want something that was second hand [this villa turned out to be a double sold one]. Unwins had a model of Amaranta in the office so I stuck my pin in and made my choice that way.

On the 3rd May 2004 at 3 pm I was at the office of Unwins. The Contract was given to me to read and ask questions. This I did and signed every page as did a man from Unwins as the witness, AS DID Garry John Robb. I then handed over a cheque for £9000.

Unwins took me back to the hotel with my Contract. The next day the 4th I went to see the Advocate Gurkan and Gurkan and then to the court to get it all signed and where lots of stamps were put on a piece of paper and stamped.

I paid every stage payment on time and to the right bank account except the last payment which was to be paid as the keys and the deeds where put in my hand. I did get my Permission to Purchase in 2012.

As of today the 3rd may 2014 all I have is 6 sheets of paper with 18 signatures on it. 6 of mine, 6 of Garry John Robb and 6 of the employee of Unwins. Gurkan and Gurkan were paid in full and all I have had from him is 4 emails in ten years.

Happy Anniversary to me David John Barnett “

David is one of the victims who dared dream of a retirement in the sun, on the island of love. The one thing none of us were told is the love of money, our money was the prime objective of ‘conning’ us into buying in north Cyprus. Your money is welcome, you are not.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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