North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 3/5/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 3/5/2014


Hijack attempt foiled by pilot – see NCFP

Environmentalists slam contestants – of Survivor Kibris TV programme for camping on ‘protected’ islands off the Karpaz

South’s EU poll administration is a ‘total farce’ – according to TC Erkin Salih who withdrew from the elections because the number of TCs allowed to voted  dropped from 93,000 to 53,000. Editor: I know how those non-eligible voters must feel, I decided to never live permanently here as it was unlikely I’d ever be given the basic human right of a vote


Two perish in accident – in an early morning head-on car crash at Karsiyaka

‘Rubbish stink making homeowners’ lives hell’ – because Lapta Municipality is dumping rubbish at a long term temporary transfer station

Sorry most of the rest is either relatively trivial, or not newsworthy because it is baseless speculation, e.g. a map of the land in the north being returned to GCs, including the Karpas.


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