Money Art | April 2014 USA Market View

Money Art – April 2014 USA market view

Money Art | April 2014 USA Market View

STOCKS.  In the 1-month category, the best three stocks are MPET @ 56%, CWEI @ 48% and CART @ 47%.

A stock trading on NasdaqCM, MPET belongs to the Basic Materials sector, Independent Oil & Gas industry.  With 39 employees, this USA based company explores for, develops, produces and sells crude oil and natural gas in USA, Australia and United Kingdom.

The stock price went up because management gave a conclusive presentation on its prospects at a New York investor conference and because it received the post-completion payment for sale of onshore Australia assets sold for AUD$20M in cash and 39.5M newly issued shares of Central Petroleum Limited stock (the asset buyer).

The top three stocks in the 3-month category are VTNR @ 145%, PEIX @ 123% and CWEI @ 109%.

In the YTD category, the best three stocks are PEIX @ 206%, PLUG @ 200% and VTNR @ 142%.

The best three stocks in the 12-month category are PLUG @ 2,014%, ARCW @ 720% and GWPH @ 714%.

Three stocks with the biggest 1-month decline are ICLD @ –47%, MBIS @ –54% and VGGL @ –77%.

In the “What’s hot, what’s not” category, the five hottest stocks are UBIC, FXEN, AVNR, ACW and POM; the five least hot stocks are LIWA, PRTA, RM, CCIH and ISIS.

SECTORS.  60 industry sectors out of 182 are in green territory.

The top three winners are Oil – Refining and Marketing, REIT Equity Trust – Other and Satellite Communication.  The three bottom sectors are ETFs – Asia, Communications Infrastructure and Finance – SBIC & Commercial.

MUTUAL FUNDS.  The top performers this month are The Turkish Investment Fund Inc. @ 10.54%, Direxion Monthly Latin America Bull 2X @ 8.71% and two of the Catalyst Insider Long/Short funds @ 8.54%.

EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS.  The best three ETFs this month are Turkey Invest Mkt Index MSCI Ishares @ 13.12%, All Peru Capped Index MSCI Ishares @ 7.86 and Teucrium Sugar @ 7.04%.

FUTURES.  The top contracts are: (Currencies) British Pound @ 1.61%, (Energies) Natural Gas @ 10.79%, (Financials) Ultra T-bond @ 2.53%, (Grains) Wheat @ 7.41%, (Indices) DJIA @ 1.67%, (Meats) Feeder Cattle @ 5.14%, (Metals) Palladium @ 4.52% and (Softs) Coffee @ 16.18%.

INDEXES.  The best three indexes are S&P Utilities @ 5.29%, S&P Energy @ 5.10% and DOW Utilities @ 5.03%.

DOW Jones Industrial Average finished up @ 0.74% this month scoring a new all-time High in the last day of the month.


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