North Cyprus Newspaper Accuses Beirut Life of Fraud

North Cyprus Newspaper Accuses Beirut Life of FraudAccording to Star Kibris newspaper (23.08.16) the “Beirut Life Real Estate Construction Company”, operating in Lebanon and countries in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran, is perpetuating a property fraud in North Cyprus. According to the newspaper “Beirut Life” is advertising on the internet saying that it will build a 17-storey hotel and a residence project and is collecting money for houses that are not constructed by promising that those who buy these houses will get residency immediately in the north and will be able to obtain a Turkish passport in five years with investments starting at $45,000 with installments of only $300 per month, including health, affordable education benefits and employment opportunities. According to the map provided by the company, the projects will be constructed at the village of Değirmenlik just north of Lefkosa, which is impossible due to the quarries there. The newspaper found out that there is no application for such projects at the city planning office.

The only problem is that the source for this story is not given and a Google search brings no evidence of the fraud so it looks like it’s either an old story resurfacing or else it’s an unfounded rumour.

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2 comments to North Cyprus Newspaper Accuses Beirut Life of Fraud

  • Justice

    Yet another scam perpetrated by the people who are bringing the TRNC to its knees whilst feathering their nests at the expense of ex pats from many countries.

    Add this scam to the defrauding operation of many builders, fully supported by uncontrolled banks and aided by unethical solicitors and you have the recipe that robs expats from each country targeted.

    It takes about five years to completely wreck the majority of faith and goodwill of people from each counytry.
    But they believe there are enough countries to rob before turning full circle and starting again.
    The Brits fully know and are aware of this and most now advise their friends and family to stay well away!

    Turkey says it will put a stop to it, since it will not be held to answer for TRNC injustices to the ECHR.

    Yet the TRNC Government, State and Municipal organs just stand by and watch, with their representatives no doubt taking large brown envelopes to remain silent whilst being fully controlled.

    In summary, the TRNC is behaving like a banana republic …………. how can it be accepted into the EU.
    But then again, so was the ROC and it was in 2004!

    We need to continually expose these issues and name names ……………… starting from now!

    Watch out Builders, Banks and Solicitors, your time has come.

    Justice in TRNC!

  • Polly Marples

    Well Justice….sounds good.

    Marion Stokes…worked herself to death for victims going back over 15 years. End result…duplicity by the then and subsequent Governments. Every promise made broken.

    Do not look to Turkey, they too will entertain you in the Embassy, promise the earth and do NOTHING.

    Pauline Read….recently lost her partner, her home still occupied by Akfinans Banks Limited, spent her time their fighting for Justice, being threatened, intimidated, had the press used to try to humiliate her and still tied up in litigation after 7 years in court.

    You are right, it is a truly corrupt country who are making no attempt to clean up their act.

    So good luck and we will all be watching your efforts and applauding you for them.