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R.I.P. Wallett and Gromet - NCFP ContributorSince leaving north Cyprus so many of my friends have passed on.

I was particularly sad to learn of the death of our friend Richard who used to comment on North Cyprus Free Press as Wallett and Gromet. Richard was in his late 50’s and just went to sleep in his chair in his home in Lapta and never woke up.

I have only just learned of his passing and had been trying to contact him to let him know about Agile. I had assumed his mother who lived with him was ill, hence his not answering my emails. It seems Richard and Agile may well have died around the same time in May.

We often took Richard to the south shopping and my fondest memory of him is his moaning about us picking him up at ‘silly o’clock’. We spent so many happy times together. Rest in Peace Richard.

I like to think of them up ‘there’ showering me with feathers. I have been finding so many. The latest being found between the hall and Agile’s old room on Wednesday of this week, just as the fitters finished fitting a new carpet in Agile’s room. I can only assume Agile approved of what I had done and my choice of carpet.

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3 comments to R.I.P. Wallett and Gromet – NCFP Contributor

  • fluter

    Sorry to hear that Pauline.

    I like the expression “silly o’clock”. An American friend of mine says “Oh-dark-hundred”!

  • Polly Marples

    Pauline take a photo of the father in situ but the file is too large to put on here it tells me.

  • NCFP Admin

    Pauline, image sizes can be reduced here http://www.softorbits.com/resize-images-online/index.php