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phone tapNorth Cyprus News – Ombudsman to Monitor Spies

North Cyprus has a new Ombudsman¹. Even the title sort of scares me. Will he be watching NCFP for instance?

We are being told he is there to monitor the situation with regard to citizens and, one hopes, guests in relation to Human Rights being upheld in line with the European Convention of Human Rights:

“He emphasized that the Ombudsman’s Office will review individual complaints based on the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the constitutional articles. The case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) will be an important guideline in our reviews because Turkey is a party to the ECHR, he underlined”.

Now as a person who found a stealth mortgage on my property, I have to wonder if he has been vested with enough power
to help me and all the other victims of stealth mortgages?

I guess this is a new role and the Ombudsman will need time to grow into it. However the more cynical part of me has to
wonder, will this man be given the power to be able to change things for the abused? Time will tell.

Clearly I am looking at this appointment from an ex-pat perspective, but it should be remembered it is for all of the people in north Cyprus and let us hope he is able to address some of the many injustices being meted out to indigenous population and be able to solve some of their day to day problems.

Good luck to you Mr Ombudsman. May you find the power and the wisdom to help you with a truly BIG undertaking.



Pauline Read

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