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Cyprus Victims | Stealing Your Cash and Your Organs?

Cyprus Victims - Stealing Your Cash and Your Organs?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Victims – Stealing Your Cash and Your Organs?

That corruption exists on the island of Cyprus is something many of us have learned to our detriment.

The ROC are struggling to get the wording on the Foreclosure Bill accepted by all parties so that it can be voted into law, thus satisfying Troika so that they will release the next tranche of loan money. As yet, no provision is being made to protect those who are affected by this bill. The victims of stealth mortgages. As in the north, the perpetrators of this crime are amongst the raft of non performing loans.

More allegations of corruption are now being reported, this time, the state pathologist comes under the microscope.
I have in the past received an email alleging the spare parts of foreigners have been harvested without the consent of the next of kin in the ROC but as yet have no real evidence to back up these claims so this will have to remain just that, allegations.


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