North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 16/8/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 16/8/2014

Bit of a yawn edition I’m afraid. The front page says it all.


Outcry prompts ‘casino’ sign ban – since 2009 advertising casinos has been banned, someone has just complained about a casino advert at Ercan airport.

Man ordered to blow up Cyprus mosques arrested – a 27 year old Sengalese man told the mufti at a mosque in the Turkish quarter of Limassol that he had been given ‘orders to blow up all the mosques in Cyprus.’ Editor: they obviously didn’t pick a very good terrorist or it was a voice talking in his head?

Emergency surgery for Ismail – after the rupture of the stump of his arm.

Company reviews policy on insuring TRNC expats – no change after all


Pavement clutter to be addressed – officials again intend to have regular checks of pavement clutter. Editor: it didn’t work last year, what will be different this time?

Illegal building crackdown – in Lefkosa. Editor: -ditto-

Joint restaurant booms -TC and GC owned, ‘one of the few examples of joint entrepreneurship.’

Calls for hunting season to change – from August to September

Hundreds suffer food poisoning – at wedding. Editor:what a way to start a honeymoon

Sibel hints at contending – parliamentary speaker Sibel Siber looks like she’ll be competing for the TRNC Presidency role against people like Turkish Cypriot Negotiator Assoc.Prof. Kudret Özersay


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