North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 9th May 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 9th May 2020North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today on 9th May 2020 focuses on Coronavirus but now includes other news as if to say, we’re over that now. The other bit of news is that the PM’s phone was ‘taped’, well Cyprus Today wrote ‘tapped’ when in reality it was just recorded without his permission.


SHOP AROUND – Customers flooded to the shops this week as North Cyprus opened its doors for the first time in two months. Freedom of movement also brought the traffic back, with roads at their busiest for many weeks. But shoppers and shopkeepers alike expressed their relief that the lockdown was finally easing.

PM’s phone ‘tapped’ – THIS is the woman wanted by police for allegedly recording and releasing a private phone call with Prime Minister Ersin Tatar. In this video, exclusively obtained by Cyprus Today, former casino croupier Fatma Zuhal Kılınç is making the call which led to a court case in Lefkoşa this week. Editor: I think they mean taped 🙂


Here we go again! It rains. It floods – A FISHERMAN is recovering in hospital after his boat capsised during a freak storm this week. He and his three crewmates were among the victims of a torrential spring downpour which once again, caused heavy flooding in parts of the country.

UN offers to help open the borders – UNITED Nations peacekeepers say they are ready to help both sides open border crossing points when conditions allow. Unficyp expressed the hope that both sides would continue to cooperate closely to address the public health emergency across the island.

“This includes coordinating their efforts to ease restrictions at the crossing points, when the situation allows,” Unficyp spokesperson Aleem Siddique said.

Neither of the two sides has given a date yet as regards opening the crossings, though both had said this would be done towards the final rounds of relaxations of measures against the spread of coronavirus. Around 2,000 Turkish Cypriot workers living in the north but working in the south have asked authorities on both sides to facilitate their daily crossings to get to work.

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