Covid-19 Free North Cyprus Ready For Tourists

Covid-19 Free North Cyprus Ready For TouristsAccording to some sources, North Cyprus is now free of the Covid-19 virus and ready for tourists to start taking holidays there in the near future.  There have been no new cases since 19th April 2020 and only 108 cases in total since the first confirmed case in March. According to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Centre, North Cyprus is the only major European holiday destination with less than 110 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Seeing as North Cyprus, without tourists, has a population of 326 000 that would be the equivalent of the UK, with 66 million population, having 20 000 cases which is amazing.

Deaths in North Cyprus, however, show a much more positive picture with only 4 so far confirmed. This is the equivalent of the UK having about 800 instead of over 30 000 deaths. Perhaps this was because in North Cyprus when the first case was confirmed on 10th March and on 11th March it closed all the airports and borders, and on 16th March it shut down schools. Anyone entering the TRNC from abroad was put into quarantine in hotels for 14 days. A partial daytime lockdown came into force, along with a night-time curfew between 9pm and 6am. Testing began early to detect new cases.

These measures have resulted in just 108 cases in total, with 103 cases already having recovered and out of hospital. As of 4 May 2020, the partial curfew was lifted, the start of a gradual transition back to normal life on the island.


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  • Polly Marples

    Oh dear how stupid…if you haven’t got enough cases….import some.