North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 2nd May 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 2nd May 2020North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today on 2nd May 2020 is again mainly about the Coronavirus but with one difference from before, the lockdown is being slowly eased. There is plenty of news about what is happening from Monday and some dismayed reactions too.


MANIC MONDAY Most shops and businesses to reopen…but you’ll have to wait for the hairdresser – AFTER nearly eight weeks of strict lockdown and curfews, North Cyprus will start on the road back to normality – and economic recovery – on MONDAY. Most shops and businesses will be allowed to re-open under strict conditions, including customers signing in. But daytime restrictions on movement will be lifted.

The night time curfew from 9pm to 6am remains until May 15 – and in a surprise move, ministers are introducing a new Sunday day time shutdown. If challenged, people must produce evidence that they are going shopping, to get petrol or visiting a duty chemist. It’s thought health experts were concerned that the Cyprus ritual of visiting relatives on Sundays was creating too much personal contact.

Virus Busters – THE people of North Cyprus were praised this week for helping to make the country one of the world’s most successful in handling Covid-19. The number of deaths and recoveries per head of population puts the TRNC among the leading countries in effectively combating the corona virus.

Early medical intervention has meant 99 out of 108 of those who tested positive have made a full recovery. As of yesterday, there are just three active cases in the entire country.


Council of Ministers Lockdown Lift

Council of Ministers Lockdown Lift

OPEN AND SHUT CASE – THE Council of Ministers has imposed strict conditions on many of the shops and businesses readying to reopen their doors. One of the toughest is the demand that all must keep a register of arrivals, with customers required to give their names and contact information. This is understood to be used for contact tracing, should any new virus cases emerge.

And there’ll be no more trying on clothes before purchase – at least for the time being. Changing rooms will be sealed off- and anything you buy cannot be returned.

Worries on the menu –  RESTAURANTS aiming to re-open for the delivery or pick-up of takeaway food from Monday May 11 must apply online via the Turkish Cyprus Restaurateurs Association who are co-ordinating the process with the TRNC Health Ministry.

The procedure was confirmed to Cyprus Today yesterday by association head Salih Kayın who added: “We would be very grateful if your paper could spread the news to foreign owners.

“In fact, a law was passed in 2018 which requires all establishments selling food and drink to join our organisation with penalties of five times the minimum wage and/or up to a year in prison. However, at this difficult time we are not insisting on membership.

Turkish Airlines stays grounded – Turkish Airlines has extended its flight ban until May 28, the company announced this week. Turkey’s national flag carrier said there would be no domestic or international flights at least until that date – a decision taken in the public interest, it said.But the move is bound to dismay many North Cyprus residents still trapped in lockdown in the UK and unable to return.

“In accordance with decisions taken by the state authorities, all flights have been suspended until May 28, 2020, in order to protect public health in light of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,” a statement said.

The company had earlier suspended all international flights toMay 20, while domestic flights were suspended until May 1. It is still unclear when exactly the carrier will be able to resume flying.

“We know it is hard, but we need to be patient and dedicate some more time to win in this struggle,” company CEO, Bilal Ekşi tweeted.

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