North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 5th October 2019

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 5th October 2019Here are a few summaries of articles which may be of interest to someone, you never know. The main article could be summarised in a few words – expats are confused. They shouldn’t be, it’s simple, now over 60’s expats will have to apply for residency if they want to stay in North Cyprus for longer than 90 days, probably.


RESIDENCY AMBIGUITY – A FULL public communications campaign should be launched to make foreign TRNC residents aware of rule changes due to come into effect on October 23, the head of the British Residents Society (BRS) has said.

BRS chairman Peter Wilkins told this paper that he was still “unsure” how the new residency permit system, previously reported by Cyprus Today, will work in practice following a meeting with Interior Minister Ayşegül Baybars.

The changes will mean that a previous “gentlemen’s agreement”, which exempted expat property owners over 60 from having to apply for residency permits, will be scrapped.

Online petition calls for UK travel insurance firms to recognise North Cyprus – THE grieving daughter of a British woman who died while on holiday in North Cyprus but whose body was repatriated via South Cyprus has a launched an online petition calling for UK travel insurance companies to recognise North Cyprus — as a Girne-based expert said she could have helped.

The petition, which has received almost 400 signatures, was launched by Hayley Hannan, 36, following the nightmare repatriation of her late mother in April from the TRNC via South Cyprus to Manchester. Cancer survivor Lynda Ann Dawson, 62, died due to respiratory failure on April 15 en route to Girne Akçiçek Hospital during a family holiday in Bahçeli.

Probe demanded into ‘physical violence’ claims after mum-of-three dies in ‘mysterious car crash’ – WOMEN’S rights campaigners are demanding a thorough investigation into claims that a mother-of-three was subjected to “physical violence” before she was killed in a mysterious car crash on Monday.

Key questions were raised after Sedef Sevgi Derin, 35, died when her car left the road near Alayköy and slammed into a tree.

Activists said they wanted to avoid a repetition of the case involving Akile Nacisoy, whose death was thought to be suicide until her husband was eventually found guilty of murdering her.

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