Two Billion Tourists Expected to Visit North Cyprus Next Year, Says Minister

A Billion Tourists Expected to Visit North Cyprus Next Year, Says MinisterNorth Cyprus newspaper Daily Hakikat (03.10.19) has reported that North Cyprus Minister of Tourism and Environment, Unal Ustel, speaking to Hakikat Web TV, said that with the slogan “Let’s make the two million tourists become two billion” is the North Cyprus tourist goal for the number of tourists who will be visiting the TRNC next year.

In the same manner as Trump and Boris Johnson, reality seems to have been ignored in order to impress voters.  The top 10 countries for visitors, according to Wikipedia  :

In 2018, there were 1.401 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide, with a growth of 5.4% as compared to 2017. The top 10 international tourism destinations in 2018 were (2018 numbers are preliminary):

(2017 to
(2016 to
1 France89.4 million86.9 millionIncrease 2.9Increase 5.1
2 Spain82.8 million81.9 millionIncrease 1.1Increase 8.7
3 United States79.6 million76.9 millionIncrease 3.5Increase 0.7
4 China62.9 million60.7 millionIncrease 3.6Increase 2.5
5 Italy62.1 million58.2 millionIncrease 6.7Increase 11.2
6 Turkey45.8 million37.6 millionIncrease 21.7Increase 24.1
7 Mexico41.4 million39.3 millionIncrease 5.5Increase 12.0
8 Germany38.9 million37.5 millionIncrease 3.8Increase 5.2
9 Thailand38.3 million35.5 millionIncrease 7.9Increase 9.1
10 United Kingdom36.3 million37.6 millionDecrease 3.5Increase 5.1

So, it looks as if North Cyprus is expecting every tourist in the world to visit!

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