North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 27th June 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 27th June 2020The North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today on 27th June 2020 is a little weak. More road accidents after lock down because cars return to the roads and news about what happened when the VIPs were allowed to skip quarantine – party and shop.


Shopping and Eating Out – THE movements of a controversial VIP party allowed into North Cyprus without proper health or immigration checks could not be confirmed, because security cameras at the five-star hotel where they stayed were tampered with, it was revealed this week. The group, led by one of the world’s richest tour operators, was supposedly in the country to inspect a proposed marina site in Lapta, but some members went shopping in Girne and had breakfast in Gazimağusa, MPs were told.

Last week tourism minister Ünal Üstel was forced to resign as the scandal rocked the coalition government. And as angry opposition MPs continued to harry ministers, Democrat Party MP, Serdar Denktaş, dropped a bombshell by reading parts of the police report into the affair to parliament. He said there were “serious findings” concerning the group of nine people that arrived on a private jet, including Anex Tour owner Neşet Koçkak, three Russian women and five other people.

Mr Denktaş said the police report had found that the “passengers were put into a hotel which was not a quarantine hotel,” “some of the camera footage of the hotel was reformatted and some did not take any recordings” “some passengers went to Girne and did shopping as well as had something to eat.”

Traffic deaths soar post lockdown – Taylan Ekerel, aged 26, was killed when his car swerved on a bend and crossed into the path of an oncoming lorry on the GüzelyurtLefke main road. He was the sixth person to die since travel restrictions were lifted on May 4.


RETURNING BRITS’ “HORRIBLE ORDEAL” NOT ACCEPTABLE, SAYS PM – MORE than half of the British expats who finally arrived on a repatriation flight this week were nearly sent straight back to the UK in a row over their residency permits, Cyprus Today can reveal.

A total of 183 people flew from Stansted to Ercan on Tuesday on an Anadolu Jet Boeing 737-800 aircraft chartered by Cyprus Paradise owner and president of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce (UK) Muhammet Yaşarata. 116 were expats who live permanently in North Cyprus but had been “trapped” in the UK after the imposition of travel restrictions.

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3 comments to North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today 27th June 2020

  • Polly Marples

    Oh dear ex pats being treated badly there then….and the PM SAY THEIR HORRIBLE ORDEAL was not acceptable. Tell Pauline Read about it…her horrible ordeal lasted ten years plus and never stopped. Her property stolen, her life there made a misery by the Kader family aka Akfinans Bank Limited and even Ertu Kader trying to make her life a misery in her home country by reporting her to the British police. The big mystery has to be, why would anyone want to live in a country that treats people like cash cows. The current PM being a co conspirator in the Polly Peck fraud and a former director of Akfinans Bank Limited…with a PM with that pedigree, I guess the TRNC has a way to go before being considered a reputable country…in my opinion of course.

  • Gram

    What about the page 12 item – “New hope for Kulaksiz 5″….!!!

  • NCFP Admin

    Thank you for that Gram, talk about being tucked away 🙂