North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 20th June 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 20th June 2020On this week’s North Cyprus News on the Cyprus Today 20th June 2020 front page is just one article and it’s about a corrupt lawmaker. He used his position to allow a group of wealthy people skip quarantine formalities. Doesn’t that sound like the Dominic Cummings fiasco in the UK. I hate to say it but it looks as if North Cyprus is showing how the UK should deal with corruption in high places.


Sacked – Minister is ousted over VIP ‘investor’ scandal – TOURISM minister Unal Ustel was sacked last night over the mysterious visit of a VIP group who were allowed to enter and leave North Cyprus without any health or immigration checks. Mr Ustel paid the price for a growing scandal which was threatening to bring down the coalition government and plunge the country into an unwelcome post-lockdown election. His place was taken by Girne MP Kutlu Evren.


Not really.

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