North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 19th September 2020

NCFPNorth Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 19th September 2020 is all about speculating what might happen in the future. Quotes from people who believe they know what might happen, but are then proved to be wrong.


Covid Fines in the Way – People who break Covid-19 laws could be fined up to six times the minimum monthly wage — 22,920TL based on the current gross minimum salary of 3,820TL — or even sent to prison, under tough new penalties approved by Parliament. MPs passed the Communicable Diseases Bill, which includes the new measures, following a debate on Thursday.

Evkaf hopes for British bases land lease boon – The development of non-military land on the British Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) in Cyprus could create a boon for the TRNC. Thousands of dönüms of land on the bases, which up until now have only been allowed to be used for agricultural purposes, belong to Evkaf, the charitable foundation set up by the Ottomans after they conquered Cyprus almost 450 years ago. Evkaf-owned land, which includes prime plots by the sea, could generate large sums of money for the non-profit organisation if developed, which in turn can be used to fund projects in North Cyprus.

‘Five party meeting’ statement criticised – Turkey has criticised United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres after he said that he intends to convene a “five-party” meeting on Cyprus following the TRNC’s October presidential elections.


Turtle nesting site is now a ‘shanty town’ – Camper vans at Kaplıca beach, a prime nesting site for Caretta caretta turtles, have turned it into a rubbish-strewn shanty town, claims a leading environmental campaigner.

“Urbanisation of the beach should be halted and effective measures taken to protect it,” Doğan Sahir, head of the Green Action Group, demanded.

He said that piles of plastic and glass bottles, barbecue waste and other rubbish were being constantly dumped on the sand, mainly by long-term residents.

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