North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 18th April 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 18th April 2020North Cyprus News in the Cyprus Today 18th April 2020 is mainly about the Corona virus. The TRNC government has decided to compete with the rest of the world and show they can build a hospital in days rather than years. When this is all over I bet there is still no water coming from Turkey.


Counting the Cost – HOW long can this go on? That was the big question facing the government and its health advisors this week as they considered easing lockdown restrictions to breathe some life into the economy. Leading financial experts warned that the crippling effects of the ongoing closures could last for “many years.” But one of the government’s favoured easing measures — to open restaurants for takeaway services — was blasted by the restaurateurs themselves. Tourism chiefs also issued bleak forecasts for the coming year.

‘Quick Build’ Hospital on the Way – Government aims to complete the project in 45 days


Lawyer ‘punched and seriously beat his girlfriend’ – A WELL-KNOWN lawyer appeared at court this week accused of beating up his girlfriend. Mehmet Kaptan Bensen, appeared at Lefkosa District Court on Wednesday. He was alleged to have punched and seriously beaten his 43- year-old girlfriend, identified as “KY.” over a “house cleaning dispute.”

Editor: NCFP have mentioned Mehmet Kaptan Bensen on many occasions.

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1 comment to North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today 18th April 2020

  • Polly Marples

    Oh yes indeed….Mehmet Kaptan Bensen that well know ‘fatboy’ who pretended to be on the side of property fraud victims then shafted them.

    Pauline well remembers her last conversation with him when he promised to ‘destroy’ her. Of course he will get off completely or a token slap on the wrists because all his mates are on the bench. Just another typical example of the sort of justice one can expect from the TRNC.