North Cyprus Law | Citizenship Bill – What Next?

North Cyprus Law | Citizenship Bill - What Next?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

At last we are told that the amendment to the Citizenship Bill which is thought will help AGA/Robb victims has been approved and once signed by the President will be entered into law.

Good, a step forward. But what happens next?

Let’s make no mistake, the prime reason is Gary John Robb, who despite being on the run from British justice was able to obtain Citzenship of the TRNC and also any money he brought into the TRNC was allegedly proceeds of his illicit drug dealing and was never questioned. He was welcomed with open arms and with the help of the Government and other Turkish Cypriots, the path to his being able to ‘con’ innocent purchasers was cleared for him and what followed is well documented.

We are told that stripped of citizenship, the Government can then sell all his assets. Good, but what happens to the Court approved memorandums of which we are told there are many on Aga properties/land? We have even been informed there are blanket memorandums in place on almost everything in Aga Development Limited’s name. It is certain that these memorandums cannot be swept under the Turkish carpet. Look what happened to the Karmi/Robb owners whose property was auctioned from under them.

What would never happen in a civilised society, happens in the TRNC, there is no protection for the innocent.

Allegedly Robb was stripped of his TRNC citizenship for lying about having done his National Service…well bludger me, he had lied about everything and I find it incredible he was ever granted/bought citizenship.

So now the purchasers of Aga property wait to see just what the TRNC Government are going to do to help them.

Just memorandums, site in a very basic state, erosion, possible claim from the GC’s who have already successfully had Robb imprisoned and of course the TRNC Government who just might decide the proceeds are outstanding tax due to them, to be overcome.

As a cynic from way back, I really do not see anything happening other than more time elapsing. One thing TRNC are expert at is using time to their advantage.

Pauline Read

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3 comments to North Cyprus Law | Citizenship Bill – What Next?

  • Polly Marples

    A reality check.

  • cyprusishome

    I repeat a question asked many times, who was Prime Minister when Mr Robb was given citizenship and all that land?

    For those that know the answer you will know why this situation will not be resolved any time soon. Some will not want the truth to come out.

    Saw front page of CT today and again the government are on about resolving Amaranta, personally I do not give a **** about Amaranta there are thousands more people who would like their problems resolving who are just as deserving. Start with me and Polly

  • Polly Marples

    But it is all talk anyway CIH.

    It is correct no one set of victims is more important….all property scam victims need to be treated equally and justly. It won’t happen in our lifetime.