North Cyprus Direct Flights | “Important Developments”

north cyprus direct flightsAccording to Halkin Sesi newspaper (20.03.15) Dr Muhammet Yasarata, chairman of Britain’s Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, speaking at the House of Lords, while referring to direct flight and trade, said that “very important developments will happen soon!” He was invited by the President of the House of Lords, Lord Sharkey, and Baroness Hussein Ece to address representatives of all parties.

Well, there you go. It would have been nice to have been told who Dr Muhammet Yasarata had been talking to or what the developments might have been. For all we know he may have been assuming that if Cyprus Talks break down then a call for Direct Flights and Trade may be asked for. That would be an important development, as would the usual rejection. Mind you, with the south cosying up to Russia who knows how the international community might show their displeasure.



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