North Cyprus Consumer | Pegasus Airlines Hidden Charges

North Cyprus Consumer | Pegasus Airlines Hidden ChargesNorth Cyprus Consumer – Pegasus Airlines Hidden Charges

Having read in yesterday’s Cyprus Today that Pegasus Airlines have introduced hidden charges for passengers needing wheelchairs to board the aircraft I thought I’d bring a few more of those hidden charges to light. Firstly, the reported €15 wheelchair assistance charge which passengers complain was not brought to their notice prior to booking. Most airlines provide this service free so when booking a flight and comparing prices of other airlines with those of Pegasus Airlines it is important to be notified of this charge beforehand so a choice can be made on which will be the cheapest carrier. Then you can bring the doctor’s note or disability badge required to get the service free with Pegasus Airlines.

Pegasus Airlines, being non-EU based, seem to be free from some of the fair practices their EU-based competitors have to adhere to, for example when advertising the price of tickets from Ercan (Lefkosa – N Cyprus) to Stansted. Let’s say I want to travel one-way on Saturday 15th February, booking 4 weeks in advance. The first thing that happens is that you now have a choice: Essential, Advanced or Extra. Choosing Essential I find the prices are in Euros instead of Turkish Lira, a much devalued currency. At €105.24, I’m excited at such a cheap price and decide to book the no frills flight but suddenly I find the price has become €110.24 with the addition of a €5 Airport Check-in fee which as far as I can see was essential and should have been included in the first place. In some cases additional fees are added including an administration fee.

I phoned Pegasus Airlines and when I told them that advertising prices which could not be purchased on their website was against EU rules I was told that as Pegasus Airlines, although operating in the EU, was a non-EU based company and so these rules did not apply. Attempts to use phrases like false information, lies and scam brought laughter and no attempt to defend the charges.

In the end I decided to go via Larnaca using British Airways, same date but in the evening. The journey would take 4 hours and the price was only €92.20, and there was an extra 3kg of baggage allowance!



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