North Cyprus Property Victims | The Cost of Whistle-blowing


North Cyprus Property Victims – The Cost of Whistle-blowing

It is somewhat flattering that I am such an icon. Icon, an odd word and there are those when they read this will say “who the hell does she think she is”. Calm down, I will tell you. I am in my 69th year, just a very ordinary old lady who through no fault of my own, have found myself caught up in the most extraordinary set of circumstances.

Little did I think when I bought in north Cyprus, that one act, made in all innocence would lead.

Icon….well of course the word often applies to religious artefacts.

In my case I think the modern meaning applies “One who is the object of great attention” Now, now I know it is going a bit far, but you have to admit, I certainly am attracting a lot of attention, witness a FaceBook group dedicated to little old me with over 5000 members.

Okay, I admit with the exception of about 20 members, most folk either do not know me, are there because they were friended by a multiple personality, or do not even know they are members. However, bear in mind the 20 that are there willingly and clearly cannot get me out of their minds. How flattering is that?

Okay, they want me imprisoned, tried, some even think I should be “hanged by the neck until dead” and I think we all know who would volunteer to be the executioner. Have you ever known such hysteria created by the existence of just one person?

What are they all afraid of? Make no mistake fear is the reason behind this group. Trying to discredit the person who dares to stand up to them and reveal their nasty little secrets. A pint sized ex-con with a ‘Hitler complex’ and a psychotic advocate…what a combination? They manufacture untruths and a would be news reporter relays them as facts. How sad is that?

There are those who would just like to see me, or should that be hear me, ‘shut up’. Well it is not going to happen.

All I want is justice for property victims. For those who would try to feed off their carcases to stop and to live happily ever after. I don’t want much, do I? Now how do I remove my tongue that is stuck firmly in my cheek?

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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