North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 18/1/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 18/1/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 18/1/2014

Rage at airport wheelchair fee – Pegasus Airlines are charging €15 for wheelchair assistance at Ercan airport unless the passenger has a disabled badge or doctor’s note. Other airlines, particularly ‘any excuse to charge’ airlines, do not charge. The main complaint is that there is no warning of this charge.

Flu ruled out in deaths – flu did not kill two patients at Lefkosa hospital

Parents’ mercy flight to help sick daughter – the parents of a British Turkish Cypriot have come to north Cyprus in the hope of finding a bone marrow donor for their daughter from people related to her.

Flood chaos: govt blamed – the recent flood in Girne is the fault of the government for not building flood defences

Lack of drainage damaged our homes, say residents – of Zeytinlik housing development. The local mayor says the solution would require storm drains running through gardens

Prime minister blames registrar for miscalculating ex-workers’ payout – ex-CTA ex-employees should be getting 8.7m TL and not 4.7m TL due to a registrar’s mistake. The payment has been delayed three-and-a-half years so far. The registrar is out of the country and may be sacked when he returns.

Excess pesticide found in produce – last week it was foreign imports and now it is local produce.

What’s the TL in your pocket worth today? – a double page spread showing the changes over 5 years. For Brits with sterling incomes the 60% depreciation of the lira more than makes up for price increases which include a 30% for an average shopping basket, 50% for electricity but not the 125% for gas and 87% of petrol and diesel.

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