Tales of the expected

054-lost-n-found-screenAs I have confessed to you all before, I am a bit of a duffer when it comes to this here new technology and my laptop is a mystery to me; so when anything goes wrong with it I always suspect dark forces are at work. Loosing my blog yesterday and then having to rewrite it was a bit of a pain but I survived and as you can see so did the laptop. Let’s hope today it will behave itself. Of course, I was rather spoiled by Laura Laptop who was a complete lady and knew how to behave, I wonder if I will ever see her again?

I have already told you of my adventures in the U.K. during my recent visit. On Sunday I telephoned my sister and during out conversation she reminded me of another adventure whilst there.

You will recall my Aunt Ethel and Uncle Harold of ‘new bed’ fame. Whilst visiting them on the first Saturday there, I picked up a copy of the local paper, Worcester Evening News, and came across a word search competition. Knowing that four heads are better than one, I enlisted the help of my Aunt, Uncle and my sister and we soon had this sorted. I telephoned the number provided and gave the answer to the nice lady on the machine. Imagine my surprise when on the following Saturday my Aunt and Uncle arrived with a letter from the Newspaper saying that our answer was correct and that we were one of only 4% who had given the correct answer. Maybe alarm bells should have been ringing then, it hadn’t been that difficult, but no, we were all preening ourselves and commenting on how clever we must be, imagine 96% had got it wrong.

Watch out Mastermind, here we come.. The letter went on to say that the winner would be notified in early February, which meant they would have to post to me here my share of the £5000.00 we most certainly were going to win.

I guess by now, you are all way ahead of me, sometimes I am a simple soul, “what do mean, more like stupid”. Okay, maybe a little. Back to the phone call. My sister informed me that my Aunt had received another letter from the Newspaper and they had two more word searches to complete. She also had received her telephone bill, the charge for the phone call to the Newspaper was included in the bill, a whopping £8.00.

Needless to say, they ceremoniously burnt the letter. My reaction was “could you do the word searches without me?” “Of course” said my sister.

Guess I better delay that call to Mastermind.

The moral of this story, a scam is a scam is a scam.




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