Anthony Davey is in prison because he is unable to meet bail conditions

Tonight sees the 28th night Anthony Davey will spend in Central Prison in Lefkosa in conditions I am assured we would describe as Dickensian. I am assured that Anthony and the other driver arrested at the scene of the accident have been treated equally. The other driver, I am told is a Turkish Cypriot gentleman. It seems both men were unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Much has been speculated about the bail conditions but I am assured that the conditions are the same for both. The sum of 10,000TL in cash and surety provided by a guarantor in the sum of 200,000TL. After the usual 3 day period in prison following the accident, the other driver was able to fulfil his bail conditions, was released on bail and has to attend the Police Station on a weekly basis pending the outcome of the Police Investigation and if deemed necessary, the trial date.

Here the situation changes, thanks to a friend Anthony was able to come up with the 10,000TL in cash, but my understanding is that he has been unable to meet the condition requiring a guarantor for the 200,000TL. Unless a ‘Good Samaritan’ appears or someone in authority intervenes on humanitarian grounds and frees Anthony on bail pending the outcome of the Police Investigation and possible trial, then Anthony is destined to remain in prison. How can this serve any purpose than to debilitate a sick man even further. It is inevitable that for every day he spends locked up, his mental and physical condition will deteriorate. As I have said before, the authorities have his passport, he is not a flight risk, he is going nowhere.

Let us at this time spare a thought for the Police and Emergency Services who had to attend the accident. The scene that must have greeted them is beyond our imagination. These selfless men and women have to attend such scenes on an almost daily basis in the TRNC and I am sure you join with me in extending our heartfelt thanks to these courageous men and women. I do hope some form of trauma counselling is available to them when they have need of it.

There has already been two tragic deaths as a result of this accident, let us pray there will not be a thrid. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family and friends of the two boys and we pray God grants them strength and comfort.

Cyprus 44 have closed down their thread although you can still access all comments. The facebook Free Anthony Davy continues, please join, we need to demonstrate the support we give to Anthony in his time of need.

I apologise if this is a little late, I had already written my blog, when I was about to send it, it totally disappeared. Now if I were paranoid, who am I kidding, I am paranoid, but am I wrong?

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