Anthony Davey traffic fatalities – there was “no alcohol on his breath”

I received an email from a friend of Anthony Davey who had recently visited him in prison:

“No alcohol on his breath and he was tested.

I went to see Tony yesterday and he is surprised at the support he has been getting over the last few days. His spirits are high but its the unknown that are worrying him. His next hurdle is on the 15th when the investigating officer has to have his papers completed and handed to the Attorney General for him to say what charges they should go for. Although it may be earlier or later than this date. Very confusing .

At present there have been NO CHARGES brought against Tony. Tony’s solicitor has requested that only the known facts are printed and any speculation left out. He has also said that until he knows what Tony has been charged with he can’t make his defence .

I have contact number for his solicitor and will ask him if he will agree to a meeting/ phone call with you to put his concerns and fears for the wrong information that might jeopardise his case.

There is also a number for one of Tony’s friends, David who was the man to put up the original 10,000TL bail. He can fill you in on the arrest etc..

The car is in the police pound in Girne but I don’t know if they will allow pictures to be taken.

The basic facts are that on the evening of Tuesday the 11th of January Tony was travelling on the Ercan to Lefkosia road when the incident happened.

One of the youths after the collision was hit but another vehicle and thrown into the other carriageway and was hit by another vehicle.

Tony and the van stopped and the other vehicle that hit the boys originally did not stop at the scene and to my knowledge has not been found.

The other driver that stopped was a Turkish Cypriot and when he attended court and the bail conditions set, his family where there and paid the bail money and complied with the bail conditions .

Tony is obviously devastated with being involved with the death of 2 young boys and his heart goes out to their families.

It will be four weeks tomorrow when the accident happened.

I will speak to the solicitor and David today and will let you have their contact details if they agree.

Thanks for your support.”

The internet is alive with rumours concerning the case, but one fact remains true: whatever the situation as far as Anthony Davey is concerned, whether he is innocent or guilty of causing the death of these boys through his driving in a manner that contributed to the accident, his remaining in prison until this is proved one way or the other in court, serves no useful purpose. The basic principal we all live by is at stake here, he is innocent until proven guilty.

Will keeping a man with chronic arthritis in prison bring these boys back, no of course not. Could it contribute to a worsening of his medical condition, yes of course it could. The grief the family of these boys must feel is beyond my comprehension. In a civilised society, law and order must prevail. No one is suggesting otherwise, just that justice be tempered with mercy.

I ask that Anthony Davey is freed on his own cognisance, the police to keep his passport, and if they deem it necessary, his driving licence until a much wiser person than I, the Judge, determines the rights and wrongs of this case. It is barbaric in the 21st century that it be any other way.

I have read that Lord Maginnis has interceded with the government and is awaiting an answer, I have read that the British High Commission has also made representations to the government.

I can speak from experience in that when I was, sort of arrested, I have heard two versions, the police said that they had an arrest warrant but did not exercise it because I co-operated, but at the police station one officer did start to caution me using a version we all hear on T.V., but then stopped midstream. I was also asked to sign a statement to which my only contribution was to give personal details of age and passport number etc. An Advocate attended the police station and his only advice was, put I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT and sign it.

This I did and paid the sum of £350 for his attendance and this advice. I am still awaiting a summons from which I will know just what I am charged with. My laptop is still in custody. The Foreign Office and Commonwealth representative also became involved, but I never was able to establish that they did anything other than to tell me to keep them informed. Of course in the incident involving a vehicular attack on my partner, they had told me to leave the island for my own safety. Perhaps they knew then that there was little they could do, due to this part of the island only being recognised by Turkey.

Of course, Mr Davey’s alleged crime is of a much more serious nature, two young boys are dead, I cannot and will not minimise that. I just pray that God will give the parents comfort. I also pray that wisdom will prevail and that until the full and true story emerges, Mr Davey will be treated with compassion and be sent back to his home to await trial.

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