Anthony Davey – 4 weeks in a North Cyprus jail without charge, tourists beware!

Giralda SevilleSunday the 6th February 2011 – another cold damp night spent in Central Prison Lefkoşa by Anthony Davey who I now have been informed is in fact 72 years old and has been in prison without charge since 11th January 2011. He was involved in a fatal car accident “which saw two teenagers die.”

I have no ‘new’ news to bring you, the best news of course would be to hear that the authorities here have ‘seen the light’ and freed him either completely or on bail on his own cognisance.

We can all speculate what happened and really only Anthony can give us the true facts, I will not speculate since it does Anthony no good. I do hope his friends will contact me after their planned visit today. There are positive ways we can help Anthony, take food, preferably ‘hot’ food to the Prison. There have been reports that the police have not been giving him the food already taken in, I hope this is untrue, but if even a little of what you take reaches him, it achieves two things, obviously it nourishes him but as important, it show we are thinking of him and care. He may also need extra layers in the way of clothing, and by now clean clothes. Remember this poor man has been incarcerated. since the 11th January 2011. He may also be in need of bedding, at this stage we do not really know of his needs, books, food, etc. If someone who is visiting can make us aware, we can mount an appeal for these items. We want to help because we all know ‘there but for the Grace of God, go I’.

If you haven’t already joined the Facebook campaign, please do so – Facebook “Free Anthony Davy”

You can also help by e mailing – Human Rights Watch at . I have emailed them twice and intend to continue doing so.

They must surely taken note if they are inundated with e mails.

Cyprus Today article here

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