Anthony Davey – the price of freedom

I have at last a direct link to the Advocate acting for Anthony Davey and am now able to confirm the exact bail details:

10,000TL in cash which has already been lodged with the court.

2 separate Guarantors with assets in the sum of 200,000 TL (two hundred thousand) EACH, that is a total of 400,000 TL (four hundred thousand).

The Guarantors would have to accompany the Advocate to the court with photocopies of their assets, this could be Kocans for property, bank deposits etc.

It is incumbent on me to point out, a Guarantor is liable if in the unlikely event Mr. Davey were to leave the island.  In that case the assets given as surety would be forfeited.

I am told that Mr Davey’s original Advocate could have appealed these bail conditions and indeed had 10 days in which to do so. It is alleged that this appeal was not made and now it is too late .

I can also confirm that it is expected that the Investigating Officers should have their report ready by the 15th to submit to the relevant authority who will decide what charges, if any, will be brought against Mr Davey. Since the 15th is a public holiday, it is thought that it will be more likely to be the 16th or 17th of February 2011.




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