Taking the excitement out of sex! Banged up and no surprises

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I know Valentine’s Day is over. I can count the cards I got on one finger. So I’m lucky. I see from reports on the internet that they’re taking the sex out of love and the chance out of sex. Perhaps you believe all the superstitions about position and technique, or maybe even the outside temperature, or the moon, or day of the week affecting whether you get a boy or a girl? If you are a strong believer in any of that, then this article isn’t for you.

Current embryology and fertility treatments seem to be redressing the “which sex?” problem with solutions that are illegal in the UK and EU, but apparently not so in TRNC.

Couples from the UK are being referred to clinics in Cyprus by a senior UK Gynaecologist who was previously a member of the UK Fertility Watchdog. The consultant is reportedly sending at least one woman a week to Cyprus for treatment with embryos so they can choose the sex of their babies.

Last night a leading cross-bench peer demanded an urgent inquiry into the ‘enormous moral issues’ after a Mail on Sunday investigation revealed that, Mr Kingsland, the consultant concerned:

  • uses NHS premises and staff to organise for profit a medical procedure that is illegal in Britain.
  • couples are paying up to £14,000 for the controversial service – more than four times the cost of standard private fertility treatment.
  • tells patients he must cover up his involvement by claiming to be ‘ignorant’ of their reasons for travelling to Cyprus.

Mr Kingsland admitted that the treatment was illegal in Britain, but that many women select the gender of their embryo ‘just because they fancy it’ and that the procedure was perfectly ‘doable’ for a cost of about £11,000.

Personally I still prefer the old way, but I’m just plain old-fashioned.

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