Serdar Denktaş says of Turkish Cypriots – “we can rule ourselves”

We shall not be moved

Serdar Denktaş set up camp outside the Turkish embassy in Lefkoşa, protesting the appointment of Halil Ibrahim Akca as as the new Turkish ambassador to the TRNC. Halil Akca is the main architect of the austerity package causing unprecedented tension between Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots.

Serdar has so far collected 400 Turkish Cypriots signatures from those who believe that Turkey is meddling in the TRNC’s affairs.  He is determined to camp outside the embassy until the TRNC government rejects Akca’s appointment. Unfortunately, according to the Cyprus Mail, he only has a summer tent so he will be going home each night.

According to Serdar, “the unions are against him; the people on the streets are against him; we are against him.” He is also unhappy with the ongoing negotiations with Greek Cypriots. “Why does Erdoğan insist we sit at the negotiating table and not be intransigent? It is obvious we are not going to find a solution.”

More controversially he talks of Turkish Cypriots creating their own state, independent of both Turkey and Greek Cypriots.

“We are saying that we can rule ourselves. This is our house. Okay, it’s not a clean house, but we can clean it up,” he said.



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