The TRNC cannot remain immune to change

Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin'

The TRNC is living through some very testing times at present. Its citizens are being asked to tighten their belts, which is fair enough if those doing the asking for this belt tightening are prepared to do the same, lead by example.

To me, the ordinary men and women who make up the TRNC want to see a healthy stable economy. They are not the Banks who as one Turkish Politician stated have been ‘opportunist’ in their interest rates, somewhat of an understatement in the case of Akfinans Bank. They are not the politicians, the upper echelons of society here. No I am talking about the backbone of this country, the workers who are trying to make a decent living, have standards they uphold and are endeavouring to bring up their children to be good productive citizens; decent caring parents, who want a good stable future for their children. These are the people who, on learning of what is happening in the Property Market, tell me they are ashamed of their country for allowing it to happen. This is the reason I love living in the TRNC, the people who care. Those who accuse me of ‘knocking’ the TRNC are so wrong, I love this country and my dearest wish is to see it strong and healthy.

It is alleged that Akfinans Bank and its Advocate Akan Kursat doubt that the Kulaksiz 5 have submitted a case to the ECHR in Strasbourg. Doubt no longer, I have seen the DHL delivery sheet and a stamp dated 23 Sep. 2010 with the words RECULE and Conseul De L’Europe on, also an indecipherable signature, so unless someone is mounting the biggest ‘con’ trick on me, and even I am not that paranoid, I think we can take it that the case arrived in the correct place.

I have heard no reports of imminent auctions, but maybe the series of strikes have delayed the process. I think we all realise that now would be an opportune moment for all the Banks involved to rethink the whole situation and look at what they can do for their country. They have a unique opportunity to display their patriotism and resolve the ‘Property Scam Mortgage Issue’ once and for all by doing the right thing. The property market would surely benefit from such a move.

Change is always a painful process, by nature we all suspicious of change, but at a time when the whole of this part of the world is changing, I do not see how the TRNC can remain immune.

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