Robin’s Snippets – 12/2/2011

Is this another Egypt, another Tunisia or another Algeria? Or science fiction for real?

Reports attributed to the minister in charge of Cypriot affairs, Cemil Çiçek, say, ” the TRNC may go bust”. Is he really that short sighted? The minister made this announcement on Saturday and blamed the situation on a failure to follow protocols and procedures relating to how Turkish aid should be spent. Mr. Çiçek called upon the local administration to introduce tough austerity measures if they didn’t want to see their budget deficit increase to a staggering $314 million. The proposed measures include a 40% drop in state sector wages and privatisation of energy supplying companies.

Another North Africa? No I don’t think so. I restate my view that the unrest here is solely personally motivated. Solely about money and not about political change. I humbly believe the deficit is totally irrelevant to the TRNC people; they still believe Turkey MUST pay. Turkey is responsible.

Enraged by the proposed cuts, the local trade unions have planned a mass rally, along with general strikes, on March 2. The rally will take place in İnönü Square in Lefkoşa and promises to to have a higher attendance than the last one on January 28.

I can’t help but think back to Arthur Scargill driving around the picket lines in his Trade Union paid for Jaguar, urging the miners to strike for more money against proposals to cut the production back to commercially viable levels, in spite of there being no funding to support this position. See any similarities? Look at Egypt the people are cleaning up Tahrir square. Would that happen in the TRNC? Not likely, they wait here until either the expat community form Litter Brigades or Mother Turkey comes to do it for them. After of course they have been given approval by the TRNC Government (for a fee I suppose).

The old adage of, “he who pays the piper pays the tune,” seems not to hold true in the warp in the space time continuum that is TRNC. The logic of the situation is so blatantly clear it hurts. Kennedy’s quote of “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” would be a good motto to plaster on the hills facing Lefkoşa instead of the flags. But that may be in another lifetime, in a parallel universe where there will be an almighty power showering Dollars, Euros and Lira from the skies to let some people do exactly what they want with. Until then let’s join the protest, we might as well do something until the universe ends!

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