Robin’s Snippets – 31/10/2010

Foreigners make up the bulk of the  TRNC Prison population

Are foreigners criminally more active than Turkish Cypriots? Or are they caught and prosecuted less often? Do the majority of foreigners come to the island to commit crimes in the belief the forces of justice are inept enough to let them get away with their misdeeds? Has Northern Cyprus become a paradise for criminals? Are Cypriot citizens afraid to go out at night? These and many other questions have been asked in the debate about criminality in the North. The Newspaper Yenidüzen gives a very definitive answer to these questions: NO! They however critisise the fact that many foreigners are able to cross the borders without sufficient checks being carried out. This according to the paper allows the creativity of criminal elements to flourish.

However, the theory that foreigners are responsible for the level of crime in the republic are not reflected in the census of prison population. A quick look at the composition of the 249 inmates shows that 51% have Turkish citizenship and 21% dual citizenship (TR and TRNC). The Turkish ambassador in Lefkosa Kaya Türkmen, in a statement maintained that criminality was not a national characteristic.

  • Turkey: 127
  • Turkey-TRNC: 53
  • TRNC: 47
  • Other : 22
  • Total 249

(Source: Yenidüzen)

Comment: There’s more out than in.

Tripartite talks in New York

According to Greek-Cypriot media, the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon wants to persuade the two Cypriot presidents (do I see a “sea change” here? Two presidents??) at the planned tripartite talks in New York to change tack in the negotiations as there is no visible progress in the talks to date. The head of the UN was for a far more active role of the United Nations in the search for solutions. He suggested that an international conference could help to bring the talks out of their present cul-de sac. Ban Ki-Moon‘s Cyprus envoy Downer stated that should a solution to the property issue be found by the end of 2010 there must be a conference of the Guarantee  powers GB, TR, GR to get their agreement.

(source: phileleftheros)

Comment: they get paid for this crap.

Cyprob Talks to continue in 2011

A solution to the “Cyprus problem” is, in the eyes of the United Nations, highly unlikely ( I think that’s diplo speak for hasn’t got a rat’s arse). Reports attributed to the Accounts and Operations Directorate of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Furthermore, it is anticipated that a sum of $3,536,600 will be spent on supporting the process.

UN-General secretary Ban Ki-moon suspects that the heads of negotiation, Eroğlu und Christofias would have to intensify their meetings in the coming year. The plan at present foresees 55 Presidential meetings, 70 Meetings between ministers and 150 Meetings of workgroups.

Comment: for $3.5 Million I’d attend a few meetings as well. How about putting a performance bonus into the equation?

Now British Airways and Air France to North Cyprus?

Turkey has dramaticaaly reduced it’s demands laid out in the Ankara Protocol. Initially Ankara was demanding the lifting of sanctions against the TRNC and also an end of the isolation.

The Turkish minister and head negotiator with the European Union, Egemen Bağış, announced that his country would immediately open it’s sea and air-ports to Greek Cypriot shipa and planes if British Airways and Air France could have direct flights to the North, This is the same deal promised by  Bağış to Germany Bundesrepublik Deutschland and the state airline Lufthansa.

(Source: phileleftheros)

Bargains galore Lidl opens 7 branches in Cyprus

The German discount chain Lidl, which also trades in the UK will open 7 branches in the RoC on 4th November. The branches are in Larnaka, Limassol, Paralimni, Aradippou and Kokkinotrimithia as well as Pallouriotissa and Lakatamia in Nikosia. It is reported that the concern is having problems with local suppliers as a result of its hard bargaining tactics. Lidl, part of the Neckarsulm based Schwarz Group has a combined turnover of €59 Million through 8,000 branches in 22 countries. The group employs around 122,000 staff

New Yeşilırmak border crossing ceremoniously opened

Border Crossing number 6 between North Cyprus and South Cyprus opened in a ceremony by the two president Eroğlu and Christofias. Eroğlu thanked Turkey for the financial assistance provided for the project and Christofias hoped that this would bring the two sides closer together. Congratulations were also forthcoming from the rows of the UN with statements from UN Envoy Downer and General Secreatry Ban Ki-Moon.

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