Homebuyer in South Cyprus loses home, is attacked and hospitalised, then Government sues him

Conor O’Dwyer is proof that property problems are similar throughout Cyprus. Conor’s property was resold by the developers without his knowledge. When he complained he was attacked by developer Christoforos Karayiannas, his son Marios Karayiannas and Charalambous Ttigis. The men:

“… rammed O’Dwyer’s hire car at a busy junction in the eastern village of Frenaros, he was then subjected to a savage beating, including having his head stamped on – the attack left him in hospital for a week.  The assault resulted in O’Dwyer receiving deep tissue injuries near his kidneys, loss of balance from ear injuries and severe bruising to his body and face.”

Conor is arriving on the island this weekend to witness the sentencing of these three men on Monday morning but finds himself in trouble with the South Cyprus government who have filed case 793/2010 in connection with him uploading material to the internet in 2006, including phone calls and emails relating to his property dispute. In response to this case, from Monday November 8th, Conor is going to live in ‘cardboard villa’ outside the presidential palace.

To add to the government’s misery the UK ITV network is following his case and will be in Cyprus to film the palace protest for the “Homes From Hell” programme. Conor says that the palace protests will be indefinite and are planned to take place between court dates in regard to a civil case for breach of contract and a private criminal case of fraud in the unlawful selling of his house.

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