Cyprus suffering from serious outbreak of HISS

There is a disease spreading to the whole of Cyprus and it does not discriminate between rich or poor, Cypriot or non Cypriot.

What is this disease, I hear you cry? It affects those who fail to accept that some unscrupulous builder/landowner/ bank has conspired together and used YOUR property as security to give and receive a loan. Not everyone this has happened to suffers from this disease, but sadly a large number do.

So let’s name this disease, it is HEAD IN SAND SYNDROME (HISS). So what are the symptoms?

1. You think you may be affected by this disease but choose not to face it by doing something to find out i.e. a search through the Land Registry.

2. You know you suffer from this disease but have taken NO action.

3. You have not yet received your Koçan, but you trust your builder/landowner so are not bothering with a search.

There is, at present only one known cure for this disease. Pay off the mortgage.

Every instinct tells you that paying someone else’s debt is morally wrong, and you are right, but the only way it will GO AWAY is for the mortgage to be paid or for the Government to take action. You may believe that the Government is also suffering from HISS. You may think that but I could and would not comment on your thoughts.

This disease has no passport and has moved freely both sides of the border; it thrives on silence and darkness. People who speak out about it are threatened and worse. Witness the people in Aga Buyers’ Action Group (ABAG) under Witness Protection. Witness Conor O’Dwyer in the South, badly beaten, hospitalised and, after success of his privately brought action, now faces STATE PROSECUTION for simply making the truth known publicly; this from an EU member country which demonises the North and accuses it of all sorts of atrocities.

I call on the Government of the TURKISH REPUBLIC OF NORTHERN CYPRUS to show the REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS how fellow human beings can and should be treated.

This heinous disease can be cured but it will take a brave and determined Government to do it. Let’s stamp out this disease on this side of the border, let us show the world that the TRNC is a country that leads by example and when the world examines its record on Human Rights, it will not find it lacking.

Together we can stamp out HISS.

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