Do you see the parallels?

Some while ago I was surprised to see a Property Information Office (PIO) notification of a proposed meeting between ex President Talat and Hilary Clinton in Washington.  The Secretary of State’s office had no such entry on the said day for any such meeting and in fact had the good lady’s presence as being in Canada on that day. The PIO declined to comment on my polite enquiry. Probably landed in spam, if that’s allowed; her being pork and all that. Maybe it was the Hilary Clinton at the church fete in Washington, West Sussex, must admit I never checked that one, but there’s one in the phone book.

I then read, hear and see all sorts of interesting bits and pieces about visiting German politicians, Italians, Swedes MEPs campaigning for Direct Trade, direct travel between Lebanon/Syria/Israel but seldom, other that the odd comment on one or other of the web forums, do I see any actual publicity of these events let alone any substantive evidence that the meetings or reported issues actually took place. Strange you would think for a country so starved of any actual PR. It seems as if they make a claim and it is forgotten as soon as it leaves their lips. This reminds me of the sort of cheap journalism that abounded in the 70’s and 80’s in Germany.


“ESTONIA SUNK BY RUSSIAN SUBMARINE?” over 900 perish, see page three. On page three we read ESTONIA SINKING? There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that any Russian naval vessels were involved in the sinking. The only things that are missing here are the rebuttal notices and question marks.

So where’s the parallel you may be asking yourselves? Remember J.Lo? Seen all the renowned artists signed up to definitely appear in TRNC? Wondered why, if the Hotel group had such a waterproof contract with the singer that didn’t allow for reneging on political grounds, she wasn’t sued to hell and back?

What about the Karsiyaka Bungalows scandal and all the claims that have been made that have turned out to be allegedly false and no feedback from the accused?

Now there’s a new slant on the PIO. If you put a question mark at the end of every statement issued, I suspect you’re a mite nearer the truth of the matter than the government intended.

If the government and its associates want to be believed in future they had better come out with something utterly believable like “I’m the world’s only surviving brain transplant donor.”

It all stinks like the same fish to me.

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