Akfinans Bank and Garnishee Practice

Remember this phrase, as I think we will be seeing it more and more. The phrase “garnishee practice” first came to my attention during a meeting with that well know paragon of virtue Akan Kursat (aka arrogance on legs). It seems the legal boys have cottoned on to this because it will become harder and harder for the banks to take mortgages in the amoral way they have in the past.

Kursat suggested a cunning plan that could be put into action AFTER we had paid Akfinans Bank Ltd the outrageous amount of money they want for Kulaksiz 5 in order to have the privilege of staying in our own legally contracted and paid for homes. He, the fount of all knowledge, said we could use the details he had of other companies from whom Kulaksiz Construction Limited were currently receiving stage payments from new purchasers of Kulaksiz built properties in order to mount a legal action whereby, if successful we would have won a court order to have these payments intercepted and we would receive the money by way of compensation for the money we had been forced to pay Akfinans Bank Limited. Phew, did you follow that!

Ha, I can hear you all cry, if he has access to such information, why didn’t he use his cunning plan to reimburse Akfinans Bank rather than auctioning off innocent folks homes. The answer is simple, KULAKSZI 5 WERE THE EASY TARGET! – as simple or as complicated as that. Of course, there is the other reason; there is no guarantee of success. I also suspect there are no fictitious companies either. If Kulaksiz are doing that well, why are they subcontracting another well known builder to do their pool work?

Three more important points emerge from this. Buyer beware, be sure if you are making stage payments, they are going where you thought they were going. Why do the legal profession always have to find a solution that makes the innocent pay for the sins of the guilty? The third point, why do the Government allow this and do they even know what is going on under their noses?

GARNISHEE, practice

  1. 1. is where a person who has money or property in his possession, belonging to a defendant which money or property has been attached in his hands, and he has had notice of such attachment; he is so called because he has had warning or notice of the attachment;
  2. 2. From the time of the notice of the attachment, the garnishee is bound to keep the property in his hands to answer the plaintiff’s claim, until the attachment is dissolved, or he is otherwise discharged;
  3. 3. There are garnishees also in the action of detinue. They are persons against whom process is awarded, at the prayer of the defendant, to warn them to come in and interplead with the plaintiff.

In layman’s terms:  Akan Kursat wants individuals aged between the ages of 60 and 87 to take on a large mortgage over a period of 20 years and then embark on a long and costly legal action involving taking the money of more innocent ex patsy’s with no guarantee that they would succeed or live long enough to see an outcome of the legal action or the end of their mortgages. He couldn’t understand why we didn’t jump at the chance. He wouldn’t would he, he has a swinging brick where his heart should be.

You Couldn’t Make It Up.

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