Kulaksiz 5 in North Cyprus – structural integrity of property in question

According to Akan Kursat, at my meeting with him on the 23rd July 2010, our villas at Kulaksiz 5 are valued at £110,000 with a pool and £100,000 without.

Well we all know how fact and Akan Kursat (aka arrogance on legs) are virtual strangers so today’s revelations about the state and the true valuation of our homes will come as no surprise. My own villa now has damage to the doors where they were forced when arrogance on legs, Akfinans Bank Manager and the locksmith who illegally broke into my villa, changed the locks and forced Chris into ‘playing chicken’ with them. The damp is still there as are the cracks which are widening daily. The whole of the pool area is sinking and my spoof valuation before the auction looks pretty attractive by comparison to its its present state.

More seriously, what is happening to my neighbours’ homes is of more concern to me because they are actually living in them. On one particular villa the cracks are so severe, and penetrate through from the external walls to the internal walls, that my neighbour has to hold the window frame in place to be able to close the window. The structural integrity of this property has to be questioned.

Not only have Kulaksiz 5 the stress of wondering when they might be broken into and have their locks changed, they have the additional burden of homes that are fast becoming unfit and unsafe to live in. Only in the T.R.N.C.

Back to the true valuation of the villas at Kulaksiz 5. As with every market, they are worth what someone would be prepared to pay for them and in my opinion they would be lucky to get the land value and since this land is obviously flawed and would need considerable safeguards made with regard to foundations, I really cannot see prospective purchasers queuing up to buy.

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