Notes from Lapta, Cyprus – Gnorman & Gnorbert by Ken Dunn

I have known these characters for some time. Their astute comments on life, the universe and everything have transcended the ultimate answer of ‘42’ and have always been a beacon to me, as in a blinding light in the darkness of life.

They insisted, when we first became acquainted, as being addressed as G –Norman and G –Norbert, the emphasis being on the ‘G’ and pronounced as ‘GUH’.

They are extremely sensitive about that so please be polite and always pronounce their names carefully, not necessarily loudly, as a simple greeting whenever they decide to appear on your screen.

They have suffered many, many years of being alone and unloved in the garden but have endured this with great fortitude to bring us, in the weeks to come, an astounding mirror of life, the universe and….. everything!

Editor: Gnorman & Gnorbert will appear tomorrow and every Friday for as long as they can put up with us

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