Will TRNC property market recover if ex-pat pensioners are evicted?

oldBeing so far from where the ‘action’ is could be said to be a disadvantage. In some way I would agree, however being able to view what is happening in Cyprus, both North and the Republic of Cyprus can sometimes be to my advantage. Since I am not personally involved and viewing the situation from a distance, I can be a little more objective.

I read with horror the idea that the poor folk of Kulaksiz 5 could indeed be made homeless and the idea of them living in tents to my mind looked a little emotive, but I do appreciate how frightened they must feel. Fear of the unknown is often the most potent fear of all. When we are young, change is something we take in our stride, often even view it as an adventure. As we grow older we do not always like change, often even resent it, bemoan the fact that things are not like they used to be. Well we all know that the nature of life is change. Now we find a section of the community in North Cyprus are having changes forced upon them and if these changes go ahead, nothing will ever be the same again for them.

Pensioners are about to be made homeless unless someone in authority intervenes. Pensioners are the least likely ever to recover from the trauma of this drama that is unfolding before the eyes of the world. Their health will most certainly suffer, some may not even survive. How will the country ever recover from the stigma of allowing it to happen? All the new laws designed to ensure it cannot happen again will be for nothing. When you are not trusted, you are not trusted period. Expressions of regret, assurances it will not happen again will be of no use

The Republic of Cyprus also have a similar situation bubbling below the surface. Stories of disgruntled ex-pats being denied and kept waiting for their legal cases to be heard. It seems both sides of the island are in total denial. They refuse to face up to the problem of the Property Market frauds and in doing so are creating an atmosphere of distrust which is affecting the whole of the building industry. The sins of the few being attributed to the many. Of course we know that not all the Builders/Developers are dishonest. Good news does not sell newspapers, conversely bad news in the building industry does not sell property. Since both Governments, cannot or will not acknowledge the problems and take action to rectify them, perhaps the honest Builders/Developers should take action, to not do so will surely be suicidal.

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