What content would you be interested in on the new NCFP Forum?

So far, over 90 people have shown their interest in my starting a new forum and so I’ve decided to take the idea one step further and to find out what members would want on it. The idea is to have multiple topic and sub-topics so that members can focus on what actually interests them. For example, if members were interested in discussing Politics then the structure of that section would look like this:


TRNC government
RoC government
UK specific
Middle East

This is only an idea and of course depends on whether an interest is shown. Moderators will possibly come forward who are interested in a particular topic and they could post to stimulate discussion. In other topics, important information will be gathered from posts and collected in “stickies” for easy reference. Anyway, lets see what interests you. Feel free to comment add topics I’ve not thought of.

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