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North Cyprus Free Press | Self-FinancingI’ve had a few enquiries about whether NCFP needs financial help, especially in the light of other websites calling for donations in order to cover running costs.

Firstly, despite what someone might tell you, it isn’t that expensive to run a website, especially when our contributors do not ask to be paid but are happy to use NCFP for what it was intended for; to tell our readers, without censorship, what is going on in North Cyprus.We seem to concentrate on property issues because that is what our contributors write about. If you want that to change then contribute something different.

We earn most of our money from people clicking on the Google ‘AdChoices’ near the top of the two columns. If you don’t like the advert displayed then click the arrow to see if there is one that interests you. The adverts are cleverly designed to know what you have been searching for recently on Google and are location sensitive. If you are getting Greek Cypriot adverts, while living in North Cyprus, then you’re probably a MultiMax user!

A little income is made from ‘Hot UK Deal’ purchases, not from just clicking them but from buying. We’re managing to keep in the Google Top 10 for searches on this phrase.

Anyway, happy reading and rest content that we’ll never be asking you to donate.


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