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Well folks, it looks as if the battle at Chelsey Village continues and that the retirees there are not tired of re-iterating their points. As this issue looks like never being resolved we can expect more of the same in the future. This is the contents of an email the truth of which NCFP is unable to verify but has published in the interest of fair play, allowing each side to put their point to the readers:

“Random jottings from Gulag Chelski. (smuggled out in a Red Cross letter)

1. Maintenance Payments were introduced at the full rate at Chelsey Village on 1 July 2008. There were no roads, no street lights, hardly any of the promised facilities and NO MAINTENANCE COMPANY !

2. There have been several Companies, always linked to a shareholder and/or site manager – sort of a ‘boardroom perk’ I assume.

3. The payments are used for the maintenance companies other businesses, such as wine import, holiday lettings etc. they even charge a rent for the offices which we supposedly own.

4. The ‘agreement’ of the maintenance company over the period 2008 – 2010 (signed by virtually no one – including the Chair of the Owners Association) included action in the event of non-payment. This was 2 letters followed by Court action. So confident are the Management in their chances of winning a court case that this has never happened. Instead, they have adopted Soviet era ‘bully boy’ tactics. This has recently included barring the cars from owners in dispute over maintenance from the site (the cars left outside) and incredibly, digging up the sewer pipes to individual properties and blocking them so they cannot be used.

5. A settlement agreement was negotiated by Tony Logan with the then maintenance company in 2010. The Chair of the CVOA objected and the maintenance company reneged on the deal.

6. As described above the Chair of the CVOA has a close working relationship with the maintenance company and was part of the ‘brainstorming’ session with them that resulted in making pensioners walk hundreds of yards with the shopping and forcing them out of their homes by causing unsanitary conditions. This close working has also included letting one of her properties to the maintenance manager (conflict of interest) and letting her car to another maintenance manager with the charge reduced from her maintenance bill (should I really be paying for car for the manager of a maintenance company ?). So did this stalwart of the community, so insistent on everybody paying maintenance payments pay any tax on these transactions ?

7. Perhaps Comrade Laine’s (Sandra Laine, Chair of the CVOA) finest hour was when she conspired with the maintenance company to raise the payments from £40 per month to £50 per month ‘as a penalty to the non-payers’ . This ‘selectiveness’ was achieved by raising the discount to those who were paying to around 20% i.e. less than they were paying when it was £40.

8. I do not know anyone that has refused to pay maintenance, we have always offered to pay an amount commensurate with the facilities offered. In 2008 we suggested that a fair amount would be 33% at the start (with 1 of the 3 swimming pools opened), 66% when the second pool was opened, and the full amount when the site was completed to specification. As we have been excluded from using the swimming pools, roads, sewerage system, gardening service etc.etc. why would we be expected to pay for these services retrospectively ?

9. The completion date is a joke – every year it slips back and currently they say ‘when we sell more properties’ – not much chance of that then with the adverse publicity generated with this latest stunt.

10. Yigor (the developers) and the Maintenance Company (the same thing really – although they have usually lied about this) introduced these charges with inadequate infrastructure in place, they were supposed to build another water tank for the village, they did eventually but way behind time. This resulted in water shortages on site and in the village. They continue to ‘steal’ electricity (power points paid for by maintenance are festooned with extension cables going off in all directions).

11. Over recent months the ‘payers’ and ‘non-payers’ have gelled into two distinct groups:

a. Those that pay maintenance as they believe that in this way they will be given their Kochans.
b. Those that say ‘No Kochans – No Payment. i.e. we have undertaken to pay maintenance when the developers agree to transferring title.

I will be very surprised if anyone payer or otherwise gets a Kochan from this outfit.


A member of the Gulag Chelski escape committee

Looks like No Kocan, No Money! has become the rally cry of the maintenance non-payers and No Money, No Services! the cry of the Chelsey Village management.

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